Riafy Stories

Riafy is an anagram of Fairy; and hence we've a few fairy tales to tell.

All of us grew up listening to fairy tales. Magic in them has always captivated us. What is this magic? Is it the ability to do the 'extraordinary'? or is it the ability to 'trick' the ones watching?

The temple in the picture is from a Disney classic; Road to Eldorado. In the film, Miguel & Tulio sets out on an epic adventure to find the lost City of Gold. They teach us what magic is; it's a bit of both.

Magic is all about TRICKING yourself into BELIEVING that you can do extraordinary things.

Here's a collection of some of our adventures at Riafy. Our journey started with nothing but a 'desire to do the extraordinary'. But that desire didn't get us too far. Our first year was tough; we kept hitting brick walls. The destination started to look bleak; future grim.

Then, we learnt MAGIC.