Riafy is an AI innovation and apps company. We build ethical, adaptable and accessible AI systems.

Riafy's consumer-end products are used by 75 million people in 23 languages. Our global footprint is spread across 157 countries.

Riafy’s legacy is built on a foundation of technology, creativity, hard work and most importantly, an incredible team.

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Thought leadership

Think, create and scale
amazingly fast

We craft consumer-end products with world-class experiences. Apps made by Riafy are in the top 1% globally, a testament to our unwavering focus on quality.

Next five years

We cater to a global audience of more than 75 million people. The next phase of product evolution is to help our users create a mindful space for their family.

75 Million users

Showcased at every Google I/O since 2015

India's first Top Developer

Editors' Choice award winner

Best of 2022, 2015

World's first cooking app on Android TV

Google I/O 2015 - Timothy Jordan, during his talk about ubiquitous computing. Riafy was the first Indian developer to be showcased at Google I/O - Android's largest annual event.

John was the only developer from India to speak at the 2019 edition of Google Playtime Singapore.

As a testament to the quality of the apps made by Riafy, they have been showcased on the homepage of both Google Play and Apple AppStore.

Collective dream

Riafy is an extension
of our partner

We work very closely with our partners. The success of our partner is as vital to us as our own.

Catalyse dreams

We work with our partners to see the larger picture. This clarity allows us to break it down into smaller steps, followed by action plans to solve each step.

We are as passionate as our partners in achieving the collective dream.

Democratise access to information
Augmented reality
Federal Bank
Reimagine customer experience through conversational AI
Clean & sustainable energy
Ubiquitous technology

At the App Excellence Summit hosted by Google Play. Riafy was part of multiple showcases during the event.

Design sprint sessions with Google's Search team. The session was instrumental in shaping the Riafy way of thinking.

Sreenath in conversation with the Apple team on ARKit and augmented reality. Riafy was among the first developers to be part of the initial test for Apple's augmented reality platform.


Amazing things
amazingly fast

We work on the latest and greatest technology stacks to ensure quality, speed and reliability.


Design systems

Relational intelligence
Analyse patterns from data
Ubiquitous apps
Seamless experience on phone, tablet, watch & TV
Conversational AI
Engaging customer experiences using NLP & TextMagic*
*TextMagic - proprietary information retrieval system.

Inclusion & Diversity

From our team
to our products

In the past few years, we’ve tripled in size and created a workplace that fosters a sense of belonging for everyone.

Riafy’s culture

We foster a culture where the team empowers each other to grow and thrive. Everything we have accomplished is a result of our people working together.

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Women at Riafy
The overall representation of women continues to increase at Riafy. Our greatest progress is seen within the new-hire population.

Connect with us

Create something
exciting together

If you have any queries or want to know more about Riafy, feel free to get in touch with our team. You can mail us at solutions@riafy.me


Riafy Technologies Private Limited
Kerala Technology Innovation Zone (KTIZ), Kalamassery, Kochi, Kerala, 683503